• Call me Darkie!
  • 27, afab agender/gendervoid, ey/em/eir
  • aroace lesbian (but it's complicated)
  • I have some form of DID/OSDD, but my headmates rarely come out. They mostly just hang around in headspace, and help me deal with life from the inside.
  • Ohio, USA (-5 GMT, EDT)
  • Not neurotypical, very mentally ill and somewhat physically disabled
  • White and not quite(??) intersex
  • Unemployed and unable to work
  • Leo/Virgo, ISFP/J, Chaotic Neutral
  • Dual dark/ghost type Pokemon
  • I have too many kins but who's counting
  • I watch/play too many shows/youtubers/games
  • I love purple, red+black, and blue
  • RT heavy (I almost never talk, seriously 99% of my tweets are retweets) so just enjoy the fanart! I really try not to post "political" things as much anymore, it st...
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apr 16 2020 +

Main interests: (the things I'm also into, may take the back burner to other things and can shift in intensity but they are my most favorite things of all-time)

  • Persona
  • Danganronpa
  • Ace Attorney
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

Current interests: (special interests/obsessions atm)

  • watching speedruns

Other interests: (not as high as the others, but still important to me)

  • Sly Cooper
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jun 9 2020 +

I get different degrees of uncomfy by several things so depending on the severity I either just won't follow back or will just block. Feel free to follow the same guideline regarding me in return.

Italicized things are more minor sensitivities, just tread with caution when possible. I usually don't block or mute over this stuff, but it depends.

Bolded things are a HARD blacklist. TW/CW tag it/spoiler tag it or just do not even mention around me at all if you can help it.

  • child abuse / spanking / hating kids
  • the word brat, especially when directed at children/teenagers
  • calling a teenager a child (like, in a patronizing way)
  • mentions of abusive relationships
  • mentions of csa, especially if the child is under five years of age
  • fathers + father's day
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  • Discord: #9045
  • PSN: EdgeworthNoises *inactive bc my PS4's broken*
  • Twitch: phantomrubies *I don't stream I just watch other streamers! I typically host the person I'm watching so if you're curious just see who I'm hosting!*
  • Twitter:
  • Tumblr:
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list of tattoos I'd like to have if I'm ever able

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