I get different degrees of uncomfy by several things so depending on the severity I either just won't follow back or will soft/hardblock depending on that. If anything about me makes you uncomfy or whatever, feel free to do the same, it's no hard feelings. Otherwise whether or not you follow/interact with me is up to you.

Blacklist + things that Mega Bother me:

  • child abuse / spanking / hating on kids
  • the word brat, especially when directed at children/teenagers
  • mentions of abusive relationships
  • mentions of csa
  • fathers + father's day
  • blood / horror / gore / scary/creepy things in general
  • ear problems in general
  • underwater things
  • TMNT, Hihi Puffy AmiYumi, Fooly Cooly
  • certain characters/ships (I'm not comfy saying publicly, but if I trust you we can DM about it)
    • please be aware that I am generally not shy about how much I hate them + how much they trigger me, at least when it comes to RTs/reblogs on my main, and especially so on my vent, so if that's an issue then either don't follow me, or hardblock me
  • bats (cartoony/halloween ones are fine)
  • religion / spiritual things
  • twilight hate/negativity
  • cheating
  • my ex's name (I don't wanna say publicly, I rarely see it/its spelling anyway)
  • my birthday (I just... have way too many bad memories associated with it, especially recently)
    • if you know my birthday, please do not even acknowledge it at all
    • even my kins' birthdays bother me but. eh.
  • any kind of discourse posts
  • audio posts that have snoring noises, mumbling, or beeping (timers/alarms/etc going off)
  • "go outside"
  • talking about people who aren't animal lovers as if there's something wrong with them
  • talking about showering gives me mega anxiety and borderline ptsd issues so please just... try not to mention it when I'm around
  • generalized positivity posts don't sit well with me and almost always only make me feel worse about myself so, if you post a lot of that thing I can't follow you, I'm sorry

- So if you can tag/warn for this stuff, I really appreciate it

- Feel free to nudge me if you need anything tagged as well

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