I get different degrees of uncomfy by several things so depending on the severity I either just won't follow back or will just block. Feel free to follow the same guideline regarding me in return.

Italicized things are more minor sensitivities, just tread with caution when possible. I usually don't block or mute over this stuff, but it depends.

Bolded things are a HARD blacklist. TW/CW tag it/spoiler tag it or just do not even mention around me at all if you can help it.

  • child abuse / spanking / hating kids
  • the word brat, especially when directed at children/teenagers
  • calling a teenager a child (like, in a patronizing way)
  • mentions of abusive relationships
  • mentions of csa, especially if the child is under five years of age
  • fathers + father's day
  • blood / horror / gore / creepypastas / scary/creepy things in general
  • ear problems in general
  • underwater things
  • TMNT, Hihi Puffy AmiYumi, Fooly Cooly
  • the pineapple-on-pizza argument (I don't fucking like pineapple at all stop picking on me over it please and thank you)
  • making fun of picky eaters some of us are autistic and/or have sensory issues stop bullying us THANKS
  • dieting (keto, vegetarian/vegan, etc)
  • certain characters/ships (I'm not comfy saying publicly, but if I trust you I'll tell you)
  • bats (cartoony/halloween ones are fine)
  • the Sonic drowning music
  • cheating
  • religion / spiritual things
  • twilight hate / negativity
  • the lyrics to the second verse of "numb" by linkin park
  • calling me "lucky" / being jealous of me
  • my ex's name (I don't wanna say publicly, I rarely see it/its spelling anyway, if you want to sure just ask me)
  • talking about being bad at/hating math (generally, it's fine, but it's another thing due to my ex...)
  • my birthday (I just... have way too many bad memories associated with it, especially recently)
    • if you know my birthday, please do not even acknowledge it at all
  • all holidays besides halloween
  • any kind of discourse posts
  • "fiction isn't reality" / "it's fictional, it doesn't harm anybody" etc fuck outta here with that bullshit, seriously
  • my misophonia triggers include: snoring, mumbling, hard swallowing noises, throat clearing, metal silverware clinking against bowls/plates, and beeping (timers/alarms/etc going off)
  • "go outside"
  • talking about people who aren't animal lovers as if there's something wrong with them or they're "not human"
  • talking about showering gives me mega anxiety and borderline ptsd issues
  • generalized positivity posts don't sit well with me and always only make me feel worse about myself

- So if you can tag/warn for this stuff, I really appreciate it

- Feel free to nudge me if you need anything tagged as well

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