• aspiring narrative game designer, writer in general
  • studying communication + public speaking to become a panelist/speaker/representative for nonprofit game charity organizations, such as Take This!, INDG, etc. workin on it
  • fav music: aimer, fallout boy, sega sound team, sunset neon, taisei iwasaki, fox capture plan, p!atd, kimeru, billie eilish, kamelot, hiroyuki sawano, DNCE, kazuhiko inoue, mystery skulls, the dear hunter, tm revolution, within temptation, in love with a ghost, toby fox, ken nakagawa, shoji meguro, insaneintherainmusic, yuji ohno, and any contemporary jazz/bossa/digital fusion/etc i can get my lil hands on
  • fav animals: axolotl, leafy sea dragon, nudibranch/cute sea slugs in general
  • big fan of riddles and puzzles! but kinda terrible at em
  • chimes and bells, clear melodic sounds like that
  • zoras, dragons, yeah i'm a scalie don't look at me
  • fav aesthetic is light rippling on/through water, esp stars... "aqualight", i'd call it?
apr 18 2020 ∞
jul 7 2020 +