• you will be lost and unlost. over and over again. relax love. you were meant to be this glorious. epic. story.
  • do not disrespect your heart. by hearing what it needs. and giving in the opposite.
  • no one cares for your success, so you have to care . you have to force yourself to get up early, you have to force yourself to turn your phone off & revise and workout.
  • the minute you decide you want better for yourself is the minute the Universe begins to shift in your favor.
  • you can rise up from anything. you can recreate yourself. nothing is permanent. you have choices. you can think new thoughts. you can learn something new. you can create new habits. all that matters is what you decide today and never look back.
  • she's learning. (i'm she.)
  • si ardés, nada te quema.
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i restore myself when i'm alone.

    • marcia ☽. dezessete. enfp e libriana. são paulo. bisexual. faculdade de eventos. do japão para o brasil. twitter side acc
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    • a color: pantone 1785 C
    • a food: strogonoff
    • a drink: chocolate milk
    • a song: the whole sweetsexysavage album
    • a subject: art
    • a language: japanese
    • a dessert: carolinas
    • a mythical creature: fairy
    • an animal: snake
    • a fruit: watermelon
    • a planet: venus
    • a season: spring
    • an element: air
    • a feeling: falling in love
    • a smell: my mom's perfume bvlgari
    • a verb: to be
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    • tokyo: aesthetic af, pen sketches, bright colors, bold fashion, small yet powerful smiles, striving for greatness, cute glasses

types of people

    • green: smoothies, splattered jeans, paintbrush in hand, art museums, road trips, pressed flowers.

the hour they wake up

    • 12 am: knowing you have to do things but not doing them anyway, taking off a golden ring in your finger, talking to people you’ve never met, a pile of work to do, a gold rose mobile case, dried petals, watching films until late in the night, a cloud ...
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