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hey im cherii or just rii and haha pizza bing bing wahooie party *clown honk* *does three backflips*

rii follows:

•ko-fi: (when i have comms open the money goes here. you pay with ko-fi. because my paypal email is stupid. theyre open right now by the way)





•steam: ( click the view more info button and look through my testimonials here for a list of insults ive received/collected over the years! :^) )

•discord: moonsreachingstars#5330

•LINE id: akutauso

•Fate/GO id: 238,551,265 (support servants: np5 billy the kid, saber shiki, np3 gilgamesh ((HE JUST KEEPS SHOWING UP IM NOT EVEN WHALING FOR HIM)), enkidu, ozymandias, prillya (sorry), jack the ripper, mysterious heroine x alter, np2 jeanne d'arc. all maxed, some grailed.)

•cookie run fc: PXTFD4318 (PLEASE add me so i can get cotton candy cookie)

•Granblue Fantasy id: 21205726

•starlight re live id: 7696268019

•FFXIV: oroka mono, ultros server (i also have barely used alts: todd howard, sasuke uchi'ha, puyo tetris, cousin throckmorton, and john-ellis bush)

•snake eater:

nov 19 2018 ∞
may 20 2019 +