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  • My body first and foremost, I hate being a thick chick. But I'm going to the gym now so that one is a work in progress.
  • My patience, I have NONE.
  • My temper. My fuse is super short and I'm real nasty when I'm pissed.
  • Not being so emotionally dependent in relationships. Yeah I tend to make them my world and put every last drop of myself into the relationship. It hasn't worked for me before so that has to go.
  • Not being able to trust. Yeah I don't do trust, I even have a tattoo on my foot that says "Trust Nobody". But in order to have a really healthy relationship I need to be able to trust someone.
  • Being too eager. I have to pace myself cuz when I'm expecting something (like a call or a date), it drives me crazy if it doesn't happen exactly how or when I planned.
  • Not going after taken guys. This is a very new thing for me but its not cool. And u would think that all the times I got cheated on would teach me not to do that, but I figure, its been done to me more times than I can count so screw whoever its getting done to. Again, not very nice of me.
  • Not holding grudges. I hold grudges FOREVER. I realize that I'm hurting myself more than anyone else by doing that but I really don't listen to myself.
  • Being so stubborn. Its a family trait, I get set in my ways and there is no getting through to me.
  • Loving so much that it blinds me. I have a really big heart and when I love someone I love from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. But I've come to learn that when I get like this I become blind to all faults and indiscretions.
  • Being more confident in my abilities. I rarely ever attempt knew things cuz I'm convinced I'm gonna fail.
  • Being more social with my family. I'm annoyed so much by the stupid crap they all do that I don't have the patience to sit with them and indulge them for a little while.
  • Being as confident in person with guys as I am on the phone and online. I have this alter ego when I'm not face to face with guys that is flirtatious, vivacious, and overly confident. I need to be more like that in my everday life. I mean, eventually I become like that but I have to shake the shyness and nerves first. And what's the quickest way to do that? Just kiss me ;)
  • The fact that I don't like to show my feelings to anyone. When I'm hurt or upset I clam up and shut down, I'm like a robot. But I don't want people to see me being vulnerable.
  • Over-analyzing interactions with other people. Especially with relationships or with dealing with the opposite sex I tend to try to figure out what every little comment, gesture, or look means. I'm not content just taking things for what they are, I feel that things have deeper meanings and reveal things about the person that is doing them, and unfortunately that doesn't really sit well with other people.
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