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Whatever it is that pulls the pin that hurls you past the boundaries of your own life into a brief and total beauty even for a moment it is enough.

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LaTanya food (FOMO FOOD)
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  • Art date
  • chez panisse/San Fran date 2/9-11
  • Cooking Date
    • Fresh Pasta/soup date 12/30
  • Ethnic Market Date
    • Chinatown, Yang-Chow and market 1/5/13
  • Pet friendly Cabin in the mountains
    • Ojai 11/17-18
  • Rollerskating date
    • Moonlight Rollerway 1/5/13
  • Spa Date 12/23/12
nov 8 2012 ∞
jun 26 2014 +
user picture Ryan: You get to update Descanso Gardens date! mar 11 2013
user picture Ryan: Babe - I love this list and I think we should keep updating it with fun things. I was actually looking at it the other day. It's great for when we need to brainstorm what to do for the wknd! jun 26 2014
user picture heartrl: YES! Let's do it. Keep up on it. I'm trying to be better at Listography and internet...
user picture Ryan: Babe! You need to update this! We've done a bunch of these! Channel Islands and Swim Date/ Physical Fitness at Rose Bowl! WE could take the train to San Diego and that could be our train trip somewhere! jan 30 2015
user picture Ryan: Let's revisit our dates so we have inspiration for LA. dec 19 2017