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ticket stubs and your diaries / I read them all one day / when loneliness came and you were away / oh, they told me nothing new / but I love to read the words you use - things we lost in the fire

"we were born with nothing and we sure as hell have nothing now" - things we lost in the fire

but those are the days that bind us together, forever / and those little things define us forever, forever - bad blood

all that you desired when you were a child was to be old, was to be old / now that you are here, suddenly you fear you've lost control, you've lost control / do you like the person you've become? - weight of living, pt. II

you put up your defences when you leave / you leave because you're certain of who you want to be / you're putting up your armour when you leave / and you leave because you're certain of who you want to be - icarus

you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve / and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground / dig them up / let's finish what we've started / dig them up / so nothing's left unturned - flaws

the night was all you had / you ran into the night from all you had / found yourself a path up on the ground / you ran into the night; you can't be found - laura palmer

if you had your gun would you shoot it at the sky? / why- to see where it would fall / or will you come down at all? - laura palmer

I have written you down now you will live forever / and all the world will read you, you will live forever / in eyes not yet created, on tongues that are not born / I have written you down now you will live forever - poet

tell me a piece of your history that you're proud to call your own / speak in words you picked up as you walked through life alone / we used to swim in your stories and be pulled down by their tide / choking on the words and drowning with no air inside - the silence

tell me a piece of your history that you've never said out loud / pull the rug beneath my feet and shake me to the ground / wrap me around your fingers, break the silence open wide / before it seeps into my ears and fills me up from the inside - the silence

there's an albatross around your neck / all the things you've said and the things you've done / can you carry it with no regrets? / can you stand the person you've become? - weight of living, pt. I

all you want is someone onto whom you can cling / your mother warned of strangers and the dangers they may bring / your dreams and memories are blurring into one / the scenes which hold the waking world slowly come undone - sleepsong

you took me to your favourite place on earth / to see the tree they cut down ten years from your birth / our fingers traced in circles round its history / we brushed our hands right back in time through centuries - laughter lines

and it hurts like hell to be torn apart / and it hurts like hell to be thrown around / we were born to be together / torn apart, torn apart - torn apart

what’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it? - good grief

hold me in this wild, wild world / 'cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be / and in your heat I feel how cold it can get - warmth

stories told to me and stories told to you / did you ever feel like they were ringing true? / and all their words for glory, well they always sounded empty / when we're looking up for heaven / looking up for heaven / way down here upon the ground, when we're lying in the dirt / there's no looking up for heaven / looking up for heaven - glory

and then you put your hand in mine / and pulled me back from things divine / stop looking up for heaven waiting to be buried - glory

'cause whoa, you're squeezing my heart too hard in your bare hands, they hold too tight / and whoa the air is on fire / this room feels electric, caught here in your sights / power, power / I will never understand the power you were holding over me / power, power / oh you had it too long, yes you had it too long - power

oh my lover, my lover, my love / we can never go back / we can only do our best to recreate / don't turn over, turn over the page / we should rip it straight out / then let's try our very best to fake it - fake it

when panic rises like the oceans we just keep on flicking through the stations / 'cause if we don't post it doesn't happen / oh, I wanna be free of this - way beyond

you are the light that is blinding me / you're the anchor that I tied to my brain / 'cause when it feels like I'm lost at sea / you're the song I sing again and again / all the time, all the time / I think of you all the time - the anchor

it's a quarter past midnight as we cut through the city / yeah, yeah, yeah / the streets are getting restless / good times, bad decisions - quarter past midnight

London's burning / if the world is ending, let's stay up all night - bad decisions

so live fast and die young and stay forever numb - bad decisions

the king's a clown / no one is laughing, it's not a drill / don't look outside the world is ending / faster, faster, faster, faster, fast - million pieces

when I watch the world burn all I think about is you - doom days

we'll stay offline so no one gets hurt / hiding from the real world just don't read the comments ever, ever - doom days

let's pick the truth that we believe in like a bad religion / tell me all your original sins / so many questionable choices / we love the sound that our voice makes / man, this echo chamber's getting loud - doom days

I am bound to you with a tie that we cannot break / with a night that we can't replace / I'm lost but found with you in a bed that we'll never make / it's a feeling we always chase - another place

you'll never get to heaven on a night like this - those nights

cause I don't want to fall back again / back into the easy days / everything was so simple then / little fires burned away / oh, won't you help me start a fire? - easy days (demo)

"would it keep you awake if it all just didn't seem so far away? / 'cause it keeps me awake trying to work this out until my dying day / it’s always you standing in our way / it’s always you that is leading us astray" - final hour

and I can't fight this feeling anymore / I've forgotten what I started fighting for / it's time to bring this ship into the shore / and throw away the oars, forever - can't fight this feeling

make me paranoid / love me, hate me, fill the void / what you gonna do with it? / so who am I? you decide / inside out, you read my mind / what you gonna do with it? - what you gonna do???

it isn't enough to start a riot / distort the light beam until I like me / it isn't enough, if this is real life / I'll stick to dreaming, come see what I see - distorted light beam

when I'm dreaming tonight, I can do anything / when I'm dreaming tonight, I can go anywhere / when I'm dreaming tonight, I can be anyone / so don't wake me up - distorted light beam ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀

declan mckenna

don't tell me I'm not, I'm not smart or I'm not worthy / I know, I couldn't let that go / and then tag me along with your hate and with your envy / I swear to God I cannot take you anywhere / do you care? / I'm big, humongous, enormous and small / and it's not fair / that I am nothing and nobody's there / do you care? - humongous

he got eyes, but he can't see / well, he talks like an angel, but he looks like me - brazil

I don't know what I want if I'm completely honest / I guess I could start a war, I guess I could sleep on it - the kids don't wanna come home

you don't know how to give love to anyone / you don't know how to pretend / you told your kids that they'd live long forever / but the kids don't wanna come home again - the kids don't wanna come home

haven't you any shame? have you got no morals? / teaching them how to aim, no sadness and no sorrow / well hey there, mother o' mine / your kids are sick, but they're gonna be just fine / I said possibly not if you keep raising them this way / you're just leading them to die, oh, your disbelief and dismay - the kids don't wanna come home

it's all too much to take / I'm awake, I'm awake / I feel false and I feel fake / but I'm awake, I'm awake / it ain't hard to get sick of my shit / I'm asymmetrical - make me your queen

but you sin as you wish / because I'm in Bethlehem / I've got a seat in heaven / and though I'm heaven sent / I can do as I want and you don't have the right to choose - bethlehem

so don't lie to me / I know I'm not as cool as I try to be / but why do you feel so down? / again, I know I'm not a very good friend / why do you feel so down? / sure, that's not something I'd stick around for / why do you feel so down? / oh God, I know you think I'm safe and sound, I'm not / why do you feel so down? - why do you feel so down

there's a girl, fifteen, although she isn't sure / well, how the hell could you want anything more? / beautiful, perfect, immaculate whore / I'm in love, love with you, love with you - paracetamol

and sometimes I'm scared of what they've done / so I look how far we've come / you think you don't have to put up a fight, but you might as well / so I tell you everything you won't admit / you tell me you don't care one bit / and I'll feel better for it - listen to your friends

and it's a total fucking whitewash / the people that we might squash / and move from home soil, set sail / for wherever the fuck got oil this time / and if it's not a fucking war crime / it's a total waste of your time / and getting so much worse / get real, kid, your country's been at war since birth now - british bombs

those boys tell you what to do / all the time / on and later on / you said I could be just what I want / and they said you're lying / well, you were born to be an astronaut / and you'll do that or die trying / what a way to live and die - be an astronaut

beautiful faces smiling over us / lift your hands up and lead us back home / beautiful people won't remember you, honey / I bet you can't get enough - beautiful faces

Daniel, you know it, you wanted to / find a place on your own like you always do / I'd bear in mind / Daniel, you're still a child - daniel, you're still a child

well, Daniel, don't worry, you won't be missed - daniel, you're still a child

well done, you, come and get your prize / listen to the man online for his good advice (good advice) / cut your hair 'cause it's full of lies / well, it only means half as much when you say it twice - twice your size

mrs. Thatcher / your cruel heart navigates the world we live in / with its anger / going nowhere, coming at ya - rapture

rapture in my head / I keep looking up like I'm already dead / rapture, oh my Lord / I've been playing catch-up / I'm already bored - rapture

Lord, tell me, where did you get that strange idea from? / in pieces, they left no room for me, I'm no one / I'm Sagittarius, I'm A star / so wouldn't you take the day off, Mother Nature? - sagittarius A*

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noah kahan

take me my heart and my soul / pick me apart and look inside, inside / fill me with dreams I can't hold / keep me afloat in this cold world, cold world / tell me it won't hurt / now I, I'm your passenger / the old me, won't work / now I, I'm your passenger - passenger

so, keep your time, keep your mind, keep it humble / start your life in the middle of the jungle / you young, young blood / rub your eyes, be surprised, keep hungry / stay alive, try to lose all of your money - young blood

going nowhere / fast enough to tell a lie / give yourself an alibi / you’ve been gone lately / stand upon your peace of mind / you're bound to fall if you take your time / 'cause we're all waiting / and you can stare below into the abyss / find a home on the edge of it / and be defined by its presence / by its size and its message / you can move along through the dark / and when you wonder where you are / you'll be proud of your weakness / so, busyhead, just keep breathing - busyhead

I'm so passive, too sarcastic / shut you out just out of habit / I don’t know / so I spent five months out here treading water / now I wonder why you bothered / I don't know / let me go / why do you keep reaching for my hand? / do you see something I can't? / why do you try to save me? / this fate is well deserved / I only make things worse / why do you try to save me? - save me

sometimes, I get this feeling / I was breathing someone else's air / two thousand miles away from home / under that sky, I tried to make my peace with fear - tidal

and it wears me out / all the demons underneath the tide / but I sink like stone / below the weight of all these dreams of mine / and I wish you well / you can't save someone too far to find / but it's wearing me out / and it's stormy in the sea tonight, in the sea tonight - tidal

we listen to "only the good die young" / and we laugh about its statement / we walk in the same direction, but we both got lost / and you raged in my impatience / did you find what you were looking for? / some escape from your skin / you know that place you were dreaming of / where all light comes in - carlo's song

they tell me grief is just love letting go / they say it like milk has been spilled on the floor / they say they don't know who I am anymore / well, I just have never shown anger before - carlo's song

I worry for the sun, yes, I worry for the snow / I worry I'll die young while I worry I'll grow old / oh, I worry for the time I spent worrying alone - a troubled mind

always, I'll wait / for sharp glass when you break / I'll be the light that you can't make / I'll be your eyes, you be my face / 'cause darling, I get scared for you / and I'm not busy anyway - anyways

'cause you were only a little bit of light / and you were only a minute of my time / I don't miss you / I miss the way you made me feel - part of me

honey, now you got a look that I don't recognize / you pulled me aside and you said / to know me is to hate me / is to hate what I've become / it's to watch me as I'm fallin' / from that ladder's last rung / it's to feel it like a secret / you can't keep in, I'm not the way I was / I'm not the way I was - godlight

but to feel it, to see it / the look in all their eyes / is to breathe in, to be in / the good grace of that Godlight / it's to have it in your hands / the one thing you wanted all your life / "it's all mine" - godlight

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