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Hello there. I hope this little guide could help you to know me more. Xx


OC Name(s):

  • Heraline Aubrienna, called as Hera/Rara.
  • I'm fine with both nicknames so you can call me with one of them! Please don't call me with weird nicknames unless we're already close enough.

A little Too-Much-Information about myself:

  • She/her.
  • INFP-T.
  • At legal age.
  • Leo.


  • Mainly Seventeen, aespa, IVE, Taylor Swift, TWICE.
  • The rest would be THE BOYZ, NCT, Enhypen.
  • I listen to other (mostly) Korean singer/idol groups in general too.
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nov 25 2021 +
  • I tweet a lot about my personal life.
  • I talk a lot about K-stuffs (mostly the drama and the music) in my account.
  • I mean, I do lots of shitposting too.
  • I'm a heavy retweeter, sometimes.
  • DO NOT follow me either if you like to make fuss on timeline or you're not willing to interact with me.
  • If I appear to be doing some mistakes, please do let me know through DM.
  • My account is unfollow free, but please do follow ONLY if we know each other already.
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I was once a part of:

  • ImperiaIest
  • devasoffice
  • devastroupe
  • Untitulado
  • PlupSocietyClub
  • ShelterOfNoah
  • Sherlockiant (Gen 1, 2)

Squads: TheMonyets, devasteam, Iesdames, CeIestIVE

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nov 22 2021 +

Cyber account (previous):

  • withlovehera
  • _heraline

Current handle(s) IRP:

  • mieinjoo
  • ivewonyaung

If you’re wondering about my previous RP handles, please kindly DM me.

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