• my first name came from a 90s movie my mom watched while pregnant
    • I never found this movie but my mom said it was about a woman named hanna who liked frogs I guess??
    • my second name came from my grandmother. we were born on the same day
    • my parents never got married they just sort of started living together
    • I have 3 older sibilings and 4 nephews
    • when I was a kid I carried a brown thread everywhere
    • at some point in my childhood we had 30 dogs all at once at home
    • I had a really serious infection and almost died when I was 7
    • a long time ago my father was the mayor of the town we live in
    • I wanted to go to film school since I was 13 because I wanted to be a screenwriter
    • so I got into film school and wrote only 3 scripts in my whole life
    • I used to photograph a lot in my teenage years
    • I have 2 tattoos with no meaning at all. they are both flowers
    • when I was a kid I had a pokemon themed birthday party
    • but I only rediscovered animes in college
    • I got really into cyberpunk animes and wrote several works about it
    • I identified myself as a feminist when I was 16
    • I had my first kiss when i was 18
    • when I was 14 I wrote a book
    • I have 2 cats
    • one of them doesn't have a name because he wasn't gonna stay with us
    • so we just call him "cat"
    • I have a succulent plant named lucy tho
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