✽ My current open medias are through Discord, Twitter, and, well, YouTube. My Twitter is @hiinagiku, and my YouTube is Bjacobs8600.

✽ The best way to reach me is probably to comment on YouTube so we can find a way to exchange those "Friend Invite Links" - that is, if that's the preferred method.

✽ On Twitter, I won't receive Direct Messages from just everyone, so the process of contacting me there may be a bit more complicated.

✽ As for Discord, it's hiinagiku#0507! Just send a message and let me know who you are, please. ( Also, if anyone is reading this that's listed under the "Classics" on the YouTube page, or to anyone who's part of it that wasn't, it would be neat if we could stay in touch! Maybe we could start a Discord server...? Who knows. )

✽ Please keep in mind that I would like to at least know who you are if you want to see my videos, but if I've never talked to you, that's okay, too! I'll try and be open to that, but I may not talk much.

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