• don't challenge yourself too much and end up regretting it. some challenges are good, but some can make your anxiety worse.
  • there are certain kind of love that lasts forever but it's not so often, don't expect love from simple I love yous and kind gestures from people. it doesn't assure you anything. in a snap of a finger, they can forget who you are, the effort you gave for them- it's all useless. nothing remains the same- people change. so don't cry over this kind of shit- everybody changes.
  • one thing i learned from being a rebel against people's wrongdoings-- it's not wrong, but sometimes it's best to shut up. they can bring you down or hinder a good promotion- and you can't do anything about it- these sons of bitches
  • it's best not to do any sort of gossiping.
  • relationships won't work unless people make effort (no matter how busy they are).
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