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march ༊*·˚

  • the world of henri cartier-bresson ▸ cartier-bresson
    • "what is more fugitive than a facial expression?"
  • just kids ▸ patti smith
    • "no one expected me. everything awaited me."
  • the mind's eye ▸ henri cartier-bresson
    • "let my eye speak for me."

february ༊*·˚

  • roman blood ▸ steven saylor
    • "i've always found it best to plunge into peril without giving it too much thought."
  • catiline ▸ henrik ibsen
    • "perish thou shalt by deed thine own."
  • at work ▸ annie leibovitz
    • "i'm interested in getting something unpredictable, something you don't normally see."

january ༊*·˚

  • dark matter ▸ blake crouch
    • "as long as i'm with you, i know exactly who i am."
  • andromache ▸ euripides
    • "i can't bear it. the pain! the pain!"
  • the overcoat ▸ nikolai gogol
    • "and in those heart-rending words he heard others: i am your brother."
  • the metamorphosis ▸ franz kafka ↺
    • "let me go to gregor, he is my unfortunate boy!"
  • out there ▸ michael wall
    • "what a fascinating universe! aren't you glad you live here?"
  • the death of ivan ilych ▸ leo tolstoy
    • "and he had to live thus all alone on the brink of an abyss, with no one who understood or pitied him."
  • crush ▸ richard siken
    • "the dawn was breaking the bones of your heart like twigs."
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