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゚。 dana
 ゚・。・゚ // 21 // screenwriter ❀ˊˎ˗

my body is here but my mind is with travis bickle getting a piece of pie at 4 o'clock in the morning

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zen music (songs of 2019 ☆)
rose media (august, 19)

what's new?

  • jul. 2: vacation starts!
  • jul. 4: independence day
  • jul. 10: vacation ends!
  • jul. 11: free slurpie day :0)
    • alex voice: vicariously
  • jul. 14: bastille day
  • jul. 20: civil war reenactment in the park
  • jul. 23: go back 2 the used bookstore to see if the cute boy in the metallica shirt is working u_u
    • HE WAS THERE AND HE WAS. WEARING THE SHIRT AGAIN WOW. the beavis to my butthead!
  • jul. 30: christopher nolan's birthday!


  • smash page count goal for camp nanowrimo
  • start learning basics of clothing design



  • world war ii medicine, esp. combat medic memoirs
    • mom: why... do you have the wwii us medical research center app on your phone
  • 80s power ballads,,, home sweet home,,,,,, love bites,,,,, high enough,,,,,, mozart wishes he could harness the Power of those chord progressions
  • all of giovanni's eccentric, punky, delinquent, and/or dopey characters from the 90s aka his "sleepy-eyed versatility" in all its glory
    • the WAY he is dominating my favorite characters list.... his power


  • untitled drama
    • feature film screenplay


  • mad men — season three
  • band of brothers
  • sneaky pete — season one


  • new orleans !!!!!! ♡ except the part where a hurricane started forming over night and the streets were flooded with waist-deep water SDFBNFDBSNFDS love that! i'm still amazed we got out like. our flight was the last one to leave before the storm hit
    • mom: i feel like i'm getting the last chopper out of vietnam
  • just. insane that i was there! there were literal tornados forming. the rain was unbelievable
  • two new ac/dc albums ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ) i love supporting my baby ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )
  • snagging friends season 4 for 96 cents,,!! [gif of jake gyllenhaal gesturing wildly with ferret in hand] have any of yall even HEARD of frank buffay jr
  • finding my first ac/dc vinyl at the flea market,, n it's a bon scott album,, i love it thank u so much ;w;
  • remember when the cute boy at the bookstore said my taste in music was great :( n that he wished he knew there was a megadeth album in stock bc he would have bought it :( HE'S SO CUTE metalheads w pretty eyes n soft smiles are my weakness thanks so much
  • winning camp nano. feels good m8!


  • pete campbell,,, my best friend who is dumb and has too much money and ego,,, but is baby and cries a lot (;﹏;) ♡ i love u
  • joe elliott HELLO fashion king i adore you
  • literally just. all of def leppard let's be perfectly honest with ourselves
  • emilio estevez.... my goodness he is every bit as charming as his father! ♡♡


  • ❝ a story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order. ❞ — jean-luc godard
  • ❝ keep creating: the world yearns to celebrate your next masterpiece. ❞ — ken poirot
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