Pretty much all you need to do for this is write 5 things, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day, do it each day on your listography for a year, copy and paste this at the top of the list so people know what this list is all about. My Start Date: 03/14/19.

  • 14 | 11am • synesthesia? • walk with mom (coffee table book, photos of neighborhood) • nap • meh • ANGER & quesadillas • w33d • touch the buffalo at evening star • i dont think they wanted me to hang out with them, so i left • symptoms are flaring, oh how the symptoms are flaring (anger?)
  • 15 | 73 degrees • wrote outside • fixed continuity errors inside • captain marvel • binge eating & self-harm
  • 16 | search for mochas • *i* do not feel like doing goddamn anything • slept • marie kondo and i are going to tidy, spring tidying marathon 2019 (stm19) • research for the ginevra de’benci v mona lisa throwdown
  • 17 | AUSTRALIAN GP! • valtteri bottas • sleep • more and more evidence im a synesthete so cool, i guess? • got stuff done • can’t force myself to write • the passage
  • 18 | did we just make a plan for our life into 2020 and beyond? • i ate four waffles and am full of regret • did a spaceship or 100 airplanes go overhead? • why are there now fire trucks? • its only 1.11am, this is going to be one hell of a day • sleep • best buy: harddrive v os, we’ll know in 24-48 hours • wegmans • computer fixed! it was a “corrupted operating system” apparently • I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE UNTIL 2021 • konmari-ed all clothes • hypoglycemia without diabetes :[ • so all my files are gone, whatever • IT'S SO NICE TO HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN HALLELUJAH • unsettled and unhappy: trying to make too many things pretty
  • 19 | panic • no therapy, paint store, or beer store • slept till 1 • badbadbad • slept a lot • tried to restart and quit weed • resulted in taking a walk and im still high and churning out new ideas so whatever
  • 20 | put all the clothes back in my closet, and i think i can confidentally say i like my wardrobe • taking medicines daily results in good moods •
mar 14 2019 ∞
mar 20 2019 +