• my account is a multifandom dump. theres going to be livetweets of whatever it is im currently watching or reading. rts of other fandoms too. if you want a haikyuu-exclusive tl, im not the right account for ya pal
  • i may rt or tweet NSFW posts. if you are uncomfortable with that, dont follow me
  • i swear a lot.
  • i dont censor anything. this is because other people have words muted and censoring them with apostrophes will make my tweets show up. i dont want that. i want everyones twitter experience to be safe and fun.
  • i will interact. i like making friends with all my mutuals. if youre not into that (youre more of a rt and like person), i suggest not to follow me. ill be all over your notifs and ill be sad not getting a response tbh
  • i am NOT a minor. even if i type like one sjjdfdhdh
  • if you are transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, a racist, a pedophile or supporting pedophilia, and basically apologists for any of the above: BLOCK ME. i dont want you near me.
may 23 2020 ∞
may 26 2020 +