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I don't remember the context for all of these but they say plenty about who I am as a person.

  • don't underestimate how much bread I can eat I will eat an entire french loaf
  • actually no I'll be in my corner with my e-reader with a bunch of candles opening up a portal to the dark dimension.
  • talking about slightly morbid things so on that note if I disappear from this world someone please burn all my doujinshi
  • is anyone rich and do you own a kiln
  • next time someone asks what I work as I'm going to do my best impression of a shifty person and whisper: I deal in other people's dreams
  • I'm so tired rn but idc I'm going to run from the arms of one fictional world into the warm embrace of another
  • palpatine's chicken feet hands, just marinate in sauce and steam
  • Team Should Be Sleeping
  • I need to three little pigs my emotional health and build myself a fucking brick house
  • tbh my aesthetic is some kind of anti-dada where I enjoy putting meaning/finding symbolism in things that aren't supposed to mean anything
  • why is it considered a sad thing when birthdays are forgotten WHY. EMBRACE IT. MAKE SURE NO ONE KNOWS. IT'S POWER AND CONTROL.
  • you can still join my cult in theory, tho. I endorse making practical decisions towards balancing what is best for both yourself and others. and revering the domestic cat.
  • Now I'm afraid that I'll buy $10 worth of socks
  • mom showed me a photo of a fox boy i drew for her friend's daughter when i was like 14 and i want to die of shame
  • sometimes I wonder if good-looking cis men think I'm checking them out or flirting when I'm really fantasising about yeeting their souls out of their bodies so I can take over their hollow shells
  • caffeine dependency is having a cup of coffee next to a half-finished cup of tea
  • tfw a recipe says 'steam until cooked'. it's like telling me humans are 'alive until dead'.
  • hello and welcome to chaotic neutral cooking. i bought frozen shabu shabu pork collar and in my attempt to portion it out, ended up breaking a good many slices down the middle.
  • I have finally figured out my orientation. It is the knife fight scene from winter soldier.
  • the sad truth: your horrendous sense of direction will not improve, even in a game, and not even with an omnipresent map.
  • I never want to be deceived again I never want to purchase a pair of pants only to discover it has no pockets.
  • emotional pain o'clock
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