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  • ongoing
    • lore olympus: a retelling of persephone and hades
    • the croaking: about bird-people in a military school; features gays
    • heir's game: a prince hosts a game where people fight to become his guard; features gays
    • brimstone & roses: a bisexual woman summons a demon to look well-adjusted in front of her ex at her sister's wedding. chaos ensues
    • cursed princess club: cpc follows gwen who is the youngest of three princesses though they do have a younger brother as well. one night she accidentally stumbles across the cursed princess club in the woods
    • midnight poppy land: cute girl, hot boy, boy is in a gang. girl is silly. they have many interactions
    • luff: follows a woman named bea who lives in a country where people are married based on their "luff" scores. bea finally goes to get her score and ends up with two "97" matches - chaos ensues
    • heir's game:
    • the doctors are out:
    • empyrea:
    • down to earth:
    • castle swimmer:
    • the wrath & the dawn:
    • suitor armor:
    • let's play:
  • finished
    • crumbs: a woman visits a magical drink shop and soon begins a relationship and a new job. a well written romance/slice of life story
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