• don't make fun of my special interests unless i know for a fact you're doing it from a place of love, and don't show me other people making fun of them please! i know a lot of what i like isn't perfect- especially nostalgia critic and south park, which i'm open to criticizing respectfully- but when i fixate on something i feel really sensitive about being outright hated over it, sorry.
  • if you have an issue with something i'm doing then PLEASE message me so i can STOP doing it. very often i will either become too anxious and vocal about my insecurities and end up offending people or i will otherwise act inappropriately and not realize it due to my social blindness. i try to be self-conscious but i still have a lot of blind spots. please for the love of god do not hide your discomfort with me and then curse me out and block me without letting me actually talk it out with you, this has happened to me before and it's borderline triggering.
  • for your own comfort if you hate / are extremely uncomfortable with any of my kins or special interests, probably don't follow me (south park is an exception; that one is more of a love to hate situation)
  • i am VERY welcome to random conversation about my special interests! however, please don't message me with vague small talk if we aren't mutuals. i don't really like strangers sending me random shitposts that i have no context for.
  • if i say not to retweet something personal and you rt it, you will be softblocked. disrespecting these boundaries repeatedly results in a hardblock.
  • if you know me irl please do not relay information that i'm open about on here but not irl to my irl friends and family without asking me first.
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