• please don't guilt me for watching NC, it gave me lots of comfort characters and i dislike the company's handling of things but i still have attached myself to their content. if you post hate about the show or any current staff members barring the CEO, and it isn't a legitimate criticism of mistreatment and complacency and the like, i would prefer you find a way to post where i can't see. baseless can be borderline triggering for me.
  • i'm also aware of south park being generally harmful but i watch it more for its potential than what it actually is. i think it would do fantastic if it had writers who actually cared about their impact on impressionable millennials, basically. the ways it can fail is honestly a big reason why it fascinates me. i'm not averse to hating it and i even post a lot of criticism of it.
  • if you have an issue with something i'm doing, please tell me right away. i can be very clingy and manipulative and selfish if i'm in a bad state and feeling alone, but if i go too far, do NOT be afraid to address me. if you think it's bad enough to hardblock me, then tell me beforehand and at least let me acknowledge what i've done. i promise that if you don't use an aggressive tone and you understand where i'm coming from, i will be fine.
  • for your own comfort if you hate / are extremely uncomfortable with hyper fangirl don't follow me because i talk about loving/relating to her often. same goes for any of my kins just her in particular.
  • i'm neutral on ace discourse for the most part but some people have me blocked back when i posted "exclusionist" stuff. i just don't think it's that big a deal anymore unless people are really being homophobic.
  • on 'queer' discourse: just don't use the word to describe people who are uncomfortable with it and don't deny that its power comes from a slur being reclaimed and i'm ok with it.
  • i'm not great at spontaneous conversation, so while i welcome DMs and messages, it's best if you come in with an actual conversation starter that i'm familiar with. i don't really like strangers sending me random shitposts that i have no context for.
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