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Call me Jake/Roxas, don't call me Roxy. This here's my kin list, not including my therian dogkin. I don't care about doubles.
All art on here is credited at this link, as I can't find a way to fit credit on the lists:

iRoxykun follows:
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  • Jinta Yadomi | AnoHana
    "Everyone has changed. That's not it.. the one who's changed most, is me."
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  • Rin Matsuoka | Free!
    "You'd better watch your back. You don't want to get bitten."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Ezreal | League of Legends
    "Sounds dangerous. I'm in!"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Nepeta Leijon | Homestuck
    "AC: :33 < i dont think we have even scratched the surface of our f33lings yet, and our f33lings in this case are a very tall and inviting carpeted post to sink our claws into!"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Neku Sakuraba | The World Ends With You
    "All the world needs is me. I've got my values.. so you can keep yours, alright?"
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  • Minun | Pokemon
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Meowstic | Pokemon
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Zeraora | Pokemon
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Yusaku Fujiki | Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
    "I am the emissary of revenge."
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  • Soul Eater Evans | Soul Eater
    "I am your weapon partner, Maka! That means I'm always prepared to die for my Meister!"
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  • Takuto Tsunashi | Star Driver
    "We will never see this sky again, but someday we'll see an even more beautiful one."
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