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Call me Jake/Roxas, don't call me Roxy. This here's my kin list, not including my therian dogkin. I don't care about doubles.
All art on here is credited at this link, as I can't find a way to fit credit on the lists:

iRoxykun follows:
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  • Neptune | Hyperdimension Neptunia
    "My confidence, you ask..? It's obviously 'cause I'm the main character!"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Double Diamond | My Little Pony
    "This is a chance for all of us to get to know each other again for the very first time!"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Squid Dog | Changed
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Inuyasha | Inuyasha
    "You've got two legs and a heartbeat. What's stopping you?"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Kirito | Sword Art Online
    "Everybody can fight. It's just a choice of whether or not you should."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Len Kagamine | Vocaloid
    "As long as I can be with you, even my digital heart will start to throb. Like a quantum wind, my heart will start to sway."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Foxy | Five Nights At Freddy's
    "Dum dum de dum."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Miles "Tails" Prower | Sonic the Hedgehog
    "All's well that ends well, right?"
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Katsuhira Agata | Kiznaiver
    "I'm indifferent when it comes to connections with others. I think that's probably because I'm not interested in myself."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Nine Alpha | Darling in the FranXX
    "We're sure to run into one another again someday."
  • ⋆☆⋆
  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi | Shugo Chara!
    "It's not ending. Everything's just starting."
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