• Sometimes you don’t even realize anything is wrong until someone comes along and changes you, and makes you want more. - Mia Sheridan, Stinger

• You never meet the right people at the wrong time because the right people are timeless.

• Sometimes you wait for your dreams to come true, but sometimes the dream is just a fantasy, when in the real world there are things or people who could make you happier than any of your wildest dreams ever could. — Holly Martin

• I got no problem with long distance relationships because the love of ya life could be anywhere. Literally. Stop settling for what’s close and convenient. — Unknown

• The most basic and somehow forgettable thing is this: Love is not pain. Love is goodness. — Deb Caletti

• True love doesn’t always last. It d...

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• You may be praying for things you’re not even ready to receive. Then you’ll start thinking God isn’t listening, but He knows you ain’t ready. You can fool everybody else, but He knows. — Tamara Renaye

• The promise God put in you is like a seed. The seed has to be watered. The way you water it is through your praise, by thanking God that it’s coming, by having an attitude of expectancy. — Joel Osteen

• There are people God has ordained to come across our path to help us fulfill our destiny. People that inspire us, encourage us, make us better. The right people have already been lined up. — Joel Osteen

• Some things God has in your future, if He gave them to you right now, you couldn’t handle it. He loves you too much to let it happen. — Joel Osteen

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• First love: This love often happens at a young age. You eventually grow apart or call it quits over silly things. When you get older you may look back and think it wasn’t love, but the truth is, it was. It was love for what you knew to be. Remember: there are different depths of love.

• Never compromise your standards to accommodate anyone. They don't fit your expectations because they weren't meant to.

• Before you take a cheater back, think about all the passionate sex they were having & all the time, energy, effort put forth. Still want him? ― Chey B

• I loved a man who had opened up a world to me but hadn’t loved me enough to stay in it. ― S.C. Stephens

• ​​​Love wasn’t always enough. And love without trust...was that even love? ― S.C. Stephens

• Sometimes it’s the right guy, but t...

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• I eat everything that nature voluntarily gives: fruits, vegetables, and the products of plants. But I ask you to spare me what animals are forced to surrender: meat, milk, eggs, and cheese.

• If it walked, hopped, swam, crawled, slithered, had eyes, a momma and a dad, don't eat it. — Forks Over Knives

• We've all been told that humans are carnivores, we're omnivore's, we're meat-eaters and we're supposed to be doing this. Are you aware that physiologically the human body is actually 100% herbivorous? We're plant-eaters. The length of our intestines are somewhere between 7 to 13 times the length of our torso. That's the same length of all herbivorous animal intestines on this planet. They're very long. But the length of the intestines on REAL meat-eaters (hyenas, coyotes, bears, tigers, and lions) only 3 to 6 times the length of their torso. They have a short inte...

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• I laughed because he told me funny stories and it was so easy and light. I realized how long it has been since I’ve enjoyed that most simple of pleasures: company and conversation on a sunny afternoon. — Kate Morton

• Women with minds scare some men. We make them wonder if they’re as on top of things as they think they are. — Lorna Landvik

• Don’t excuse bad behavior from people around you just because its not directed towards you. If you would not like it if you were treated that way, don’t tolerate it when others are mistreated.

• Rejection doesn’t always mean you don’t measure up, many times people disqualify themselves because you intimidate them. — chefkeva_

• I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances, be more active, show up more oft...

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• The death of a friendship was usually slow and insidious, like the wearing away of a hillside after years of too much rain. A handful of misunderstandings, a season of miscommunication, the passing of time, and where once stood two women with a dozen years of memories and tears and conversation and laughter—where once stood two women closer than sisters—now stood two strangers. — Karen Kingsbury

• Just because I've gone and snagged myself a hot boyfriend doesn't mean I'm going to leave my best friend high and dry. — Becca Fitzpatrick

• When you are in a relationship, you are aware that it might end. You might grow apart, find someone else, simply fall out of love. But a friendship isn’t a zero-sum game, and as such, you assume that it will last forever, especially an old friendship. You take its permanence for granted, which might be the very thing so ...

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