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  • ravenclaw
  • pure blood, both parents where from ravenclaw
  • wand : ash wood with a unicorn hair core 10" and unyielding flexibility
  • patronus : pheasant - info
  • good at : astronomy, charms, transfiguration, history of magic, art and muggle studies
  • bad at : herbology, divination, alchemy
  • takes good grades in her area but have to study a lot more for things that she doesn't like
  • want to work at the ministry of magic and make the difference in the wizard world
  • sociable with ravenclaws and hufflepuffs, prejudice against slytherin and gryffindor
  • had two boyfriends (one in the forth year who was gryffindor, other in the sixth year who was slytherin) and one girlfriend (in the seventh year and was hufflepuff)
  • in the o.w.l's had "O" for every class she was good at and "A" for the rest.
  • in the n.e.w.t's had "O" for charms, history of magic and tranfiguration, "E" for the rest of the classes she was good at, and "P" in herbology (she cried a lot)
  • favorite places : ravenclaw common room, library, astronomy tower and hogsmeade
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