• My music and why I listen to old music. Just because it's old it's still good and I enjoy it (there's a lot of listening to music I liked when I was 12 going on). There are still songs that I feel embarrassed about. I am also having to think and overthink all those instances where someone heard me singing something and teased me about the lyrics (more times than you'd think).
  • Instagram, or posting things in general. Does not include Twitter because my writing itself can be quite dumb still. The last thing I posted in IG got like, two likes from people who follow me and all else were from marketing accounts. But I wanted to post that for my own sake.
  • Haven't used Facebook in nearly four months and wow, does that cut down on how bad it makes me feel for doing nothing with my life. Or maybe I haven't been using it because I'm not doing anything with my life right now? I'll tune back into this list when situations change.


  • Clothing, style, my face. Easier because I never cared too much about it. I just want to look presentable and not feel awkward in more diverse social situations. Ultimately the goal is to be able to go to a high-profile event wearing what I enjoy even if it isn't the status quo, and be perfectly happy and well-functioning.
  • My media choices. I like horror movies, art house film, and the random mainstream choice that I will watch over and over again (Atonement, Ella Enchanted, Pride & Prejudice, I'm all over the place). I still feel like I'll frighten people, but the reality is that people probably wouldn't be that surprised to know what I'm into. I won't share my reading list with people who know me IRL. Wait in like, 10 years or when I have a partner.
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