• KARI / corry
  • he/him; 18; grayrom pan nb; indonesian
  • intp 6w7; aqua sun, virgo moon, libra rising
  • artist + gamer + self shipper (yumejin)
  • i lovemail my faves to cope
  • issa kiduku (vzrk), faith beams, and dino albani (heliosr) are my comfort characters. i also self ship romantically with faith
  • i also like talking about various games
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 5 2021 +
  • interests: tsukipro (esp vzrk); genshin; stardew valley; lobocorp; holostars; heliosr
  • faves: issa, yuma (vzrk); sebastian (stardew valley); yesod (lobocorp); childe, kaeya (genshin); faith, dino, gray (heliosr); hatsune miku
  • faves i yume (rom) with: faith (helios); sebastian (stardew valley); yuma (vzrk); childe (genshin). idm sharing as long you aren't possesive about it
  • main kins: yuma (vzrk) and malkuth (lobocorp). i rarely talk about kinning and idm doubles
  • ships: issa/shou (vzrk); chesed/gebura (lobocorp); and keith/dino (heliosr)
  • i'm critical with my interests
  • i also often rt games/mobages that pique my interest
  • i badmouth some of my faves jokingly
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 3 2021 +
  • tweet, rt, and swearing heavy
  • won't fb if you don't have an about, you often tweet about my discomforts, or you're mainly into hypmic or enstars
  • i may rt/like nsfw jokes (always tagged) or tweet "x sexy" but my account is sfw
  • i can't tag my faves and pets
  • i block liberally for content control and personal comfort, no hard feelings
  • i don't condone harassment but i certainly don't want to see problematic ships and noncon on my timeline
  • i'm against including aro/ace cishets in lgbt circle otherwise i don't care about both stances
  • i need copypasta (/c) tone indicator as some copypastas can freak me out
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 5 2021 +
  • irl/graphic suicide
  • self harm
  • murder of lgbt person + religion based lgbtphobia
  • adult/minor ships esp chilumi (genshin)
  • pedophilia and grooming (real and fictional)
  • graphic vomiting and vomiting emoji
  • strobing/flashing lights
  • loud shouting/screams (like riots)
  • anything too graphic (like gore, jumpscare) + tmi/gross
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 2 2021 +
  • (mutuals/i follow first ok) under 17 / above 26 / cishet
  • claim bl fiction as interest despite not being a part of mlm circle (gl for non wlw)
  • you cringe at lgbt (esp trans) hcs; black/brownwashing done by poc people; or self shipping
  • repost arts without permission or support art reposters
  • like problematic, adult/minor, >5-6 yrs age gap, and real people ships and/or into noncon
  • you're a 20+ adult who self ships with <18 characters
  • (genshin) you ship mc/venti/xiao with any adult character (childe, zhongli, etc) or kaeluc
  • condone racism, colorism, and lgbtphobia even in fiction
  • you think you know me from facebook, tumblr, or irl (unless i give you permission)
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 5 2021 +
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