• (mutuals/i follow first ok) under 17 / above 26 / cishet
  • claim bl fiction as interest despite not being a part of mlm circle (gl for non wlw)
  • you cringe at lgbt (esp trans) hcs; black/brownwashing done by poc people; or self shipping
  • repost arts without permission or support art reposters
  • like problematic, adult/minor, >5-6 yrs age gap, and real people ships and/or into noncon
  • you're a 20+ adult who self ships with <18 characters
  • (genshin) you ship mc/venti/xiao with any adult character (childe, zhongli, etc) or kaeluc
  • condone racism, colorism, and lgbtphobia even in fiction
  • you think you know me from facebook, tumblr, or irl (unless i give you permission)
feb 14 2021 ∞
mar 5 2021 +