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About me!!!! ^3^ Be respectful & I will treat you with the same respect~!

(Info may or may not be updated in the future)

Jaki follows:
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  • unisex (they/them)
  • Korean-American
  • Capricorn
  • INFP
  • always sleepy
  • unhealthy obsession with fictional characters (started watching anime at 8 years old)
  • loves sweet foods & drinks
  • cats and/or any cute & fluffy animal make him happy
  • open to making friends but awkward at first due to social anxiety, so sorry aaaa
  • ENG/한국어/中文 OK!
  • English is not their first language, so apologies for mistakes
  • message me anytime!!! I am socially anxious but love making friends( ✌︎'ω')✌︎
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