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Out of all the things that shined, nothing was useless
As if I had everything in my hands, I liked everything

rosie ⋰˚☆ (television)
kelsey 2019

personality types

  • neutral good | enfj | type 2+9 | vde-s


  • i go by both cat + varus
  • 21 years old, born feb 17 1999
  • aquarius sun, pisces moon, and idk a thing about the rest of my chart
  • living on the east coast of the us (delaware)
  • white
  • english speaking
  • im not rlly shy but i do have trouble talking to ppl sometimes, i just get nervous. feel free to chat w me tho!!!


  • if i say anything that doesnt make sense im sorry my mind just moves really fast
  • i have tweet delete on for tweets older than 3 months
  • please tag;
    • animal abuse/cruelty/death
    • gore/guro/body horror
    • nsfw
    • self harm
    • dolls/manikins

i dont really get upset if these r untagged i just try to stay away from them, thank u!

extra kpop stuff

  • t-ara was my first bias group so they are very special to me and always will be
  • im a fan of both boy + girl groups
  • i stan a lot of groups


  • i also like some shows + dramas + manga + video games, chat with me about anything im always up for it

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