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  • bad grammar and all that annoying stuff. no one wants to read you're story sweaty when you can't even grammar and punctuate properly. it's fine if it occurs sometimes because we all make mistakes even if we do have beta editors, but when it's strewn throughout the fic like free candy or some shit then that's when things should probably be addressed?
  • a wall of text without a break in between. paragraphs, ever heard of them? don't be like the author of call me by your name.
  • begging for comments/kudos. guilt-tripping, withholding chapters, etc. ask for them by all means, but there are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. a polite "please vote/comment/share/kudos, etc this! it helps keeps me motivated" is fine.
  • abbreviations. (eg. "ily," he says, smiling softly). no thnx luv xx
  • author notes in between. like this: he loved her (a/n: OMG). like, wtf? no one wants to see your thoughts. it ruins the flow.
  • questions in the summary. "What will happen to them? read on to find out." no thanks, bye. or even worse, a summary that is like "HA i suck at this so yeah pls read and you'll find out how good it is for yourself <3"
  • mpreg.
  • "dude's pov" -- > "that guy's pov" --> "dude's pov". stop CHANGING THE POV GDI YOU'RE SO ANNOYING
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