• narcissus are popular garden flowers and harbingers of springs native to europe, north africa and asia
  • this short-lived bloom bears the name of narcissus, a handsome youth who spurned the love of many until one day he saw his reflection in a pool and fell so deeply in love with the boy he could not have, he drowned trying to embrace him (or drown himself in despair, or starved to death)
  • a narcissus is also mentioned as the flower that persephone was distracted by, giving hades the opportunity to abduct her
  • through folkloric mention, narcissus is a flower of the dead and of the underworld, making it suitable for funerary rites as well as those related to the changing of the seasons through rebirth allegory
  • is a calming flower that helps bring about inner peace, hope and self-love
  • it symbolize rebirth, resurrection, renew...
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