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*creates a listography to keep receipts on myself*

You can contact me via Twitter if you need me (my DMs are always open if you prefer to keep it private)!

If we're mutuals or have talked before, then please feel free to ask for my Discord or LINE :D

Justaway follows:
c things i'm into ✰
Lex ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
yuu videogames (ongoing, unfinished)
videogames (finished)

I will Unfollow/Block you for:

  • Offensive/harmful/hateful behaviour regarding race/gender/sexuality etc.
  • Fetishising real life people

I may Mute/Block/Unfollow because:

  • There's a lot of negativity in your tweets
  • Passive Aggressive behaviour
  • I'm uncomfortable with your interactions with other people
  • (Specific) explicit (sexual) nudity
  • You show a strong dislike for something I enjoy/love

If we're mutuals, please give me a heads up:

  • For violent content (especially sexual and gore)
aug 31 2016 ∞
nov 20 2017 +
  • I translate mostly for fun, but mainly so that someone out there can feel more appreciation and love for whatever series/character it is... d(T_T)b
  • I work full-time so more often than not, I'm too exhausted to do much besides lurk on twitter retweeting things I like... I apologise in advance if I'm really slow in replying back to you ahaha OTL


  • Feel free to Follow/Mute/Block/Unfollow whenever!
  • I swear really frequently ;^;
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