• 00. ) you've lived 17 years with a full stomach under a roof you called home. you were naive and you doubted yourself when you thought your value was diminished to numbers on paper. you felt that you couldn't even study properly even though it was the only thing you had to do. you questioned your success and over the last few years, you doubted yourself some more but you've encountered the best people you could ask for. they taught you to grow, they shaped your perception of life, and most importantly, they taught you happiness was more important than anything else in the world. with their help, you realized you've grown into a figure that you, yourself, were proud of and you finally discovered what your purpose of life was. they continued to hear you out every time you ranted endlessly. they stood by your side no matter what and you talked about your days miles apart from one another. to think you met them because you liked a group of 12 boys makes it just a little ridiculous... but ever the more endearing. who else will share this story? no one! because it's mine! you're all mine!!!


      • 88. ) thank you for being my light through the darkest nights. for being my inspiration and always walking me towards the future. you've tired yourself out yet you've persevered and continued to combat your obstacles no matter what. you apologize and you cry every time you feel like you lacked and haven't given it your all, but it's enough. you've done more than enough and to my steel bear, it's my turn to cry. thank you for stealing my breath away.
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