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  • cantus the minstrel (fraggle rock) m ⍟ ✳
  • the roman empire (axis powers hetalia) m


  • sergeant floyd pepper (the muppet show 1976) m
  • discord (my little pony: friendship is magic) m
  • t. matthew fraggle (fraggle rock) m
  • the russian federation (axis powers hetalia) m


  • zim (invader zim) m
  • doug rattmann (portal) m
  • mopatop (mopatop's shop)
  • audrey ii (little shop of horrors) m
  • big bird (sesame street) m
  • sidebottom fraggle (fraggle rock) m
  • the french republic's second player (axis powers hetalia) m
  • mermer merggle (fraggle rock) m
  • harry the hipster (sam and friends) m
  • red guy (don't hug me i'm scared) m
  • skenfrith (fraggle rock) m
  • king asgore dreemurr (undertale)
  • zondra (the jim henson hour)
  • the boogieman (gorillaz phase 3)


  • the electric lucifer (bruce haack's the electric lucifer) m
  • rockstar cookie (cookie run: ovenbreak)
  • boober fraggle (fraggle rock) m
  • brown alley cat (garfield and friends s2e20)
  • goldfish furby (furby series 9; unreleased)
  • rooster furby (furby series 5)


  • demonkin
  • red factor canaries
  • rubino bourke's parakeets
  • songkin
    • hotel california - the eagles
    • let me be your song - the minstrels
    • something from ELO's discography
    • agnes - glass animals


  • jasper (steven universe)
  • simon (lord of the flies)
  • alastor (hazbin hotel)
  • HIM (the powerpuff girls 1998)
  • teto kasane (vipperloid)
  • the soundkeeper (the phantom tollbooth)
  • the caterpillar (alice's adventures in wonderland)
  • greg universe (steven universe)
  • the iron giant (the iron giant)
  • molly (the big comfy couch)
  • fancypants (my little pony: friendship is magic)
  • jason fox (foxtrot)
  • ghast (minecraft)
  • iron giant (minecraft)
  • bear (bear in the big blue house)
  • the last of the lily creatures (fraggle rock)
  • grundgetta (sesame street)
  • sir pentious (hazbin hotel)
  • tallahassee (zombieland) (i know. im sorry.)
  • dice (lethal league)
  • syksy (@earthlyblur's oc)
  • doc (fraggle rock)
  • lewis pepper (mystery skulls animated)
  • TATARI (POPloid)
  • someone from the nightmare before christmas
  • someone from on the day i died by candace fleming


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