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  • @anj2e46 - main/fandom priv acc: sketches/WIPs/art that i don't wanna post publicly, musings about fandoms/media/art, brainrot, shitposting, liveblogging, a bit of personal. occasionally R-18(G)/BL/GL/HL. [friends/mutuals/likeminded folks are always welcome. others can follow req too, but i may be wary of some people (especially from non-transformative parts of the fandom), sorry]


  • kajiforces - all art. some posts are only visible to followers.


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  • Follow / unfollow / softblock / block / mute freely!
  • But all my blogs are intended for adult (18+) audiences, so I'll (soft)block any followers who have it stated in their bio/profile that they're under 18


I'm usually chill, but I won't tolerate (and will block ) anyone who stirs up drama, condones or participates in harassing others for any reason (especially in fandom spaces), or just is a rude jerk (especially to me or someone I know). Reposting art may also get you blocked.

Let's all play nice and be excellent to each other.

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  • [ KJ ◆ he/him ◆ 20↑ ]
  • I'm very friendly, but I'm kind of a hermit, so I rarely initiate conversations. But don't be afraid to talk to me or reply to my posts, even if we are not mutuals - I'm always eager to talk about my favourite characters/franchises! (Sometimes it may take me a while (days/weeks) to reply tho, because I'm often too busy or tired. But I always try to reply eventually.)
  • Be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you.
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