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  • 9/26 - Went on a jog around the neighborhood today. I liked it so much better than the first two times I ran alone this season, running 5ks and 3 miles at practice every day has helped so much. I listened to my running playlist that I made like, 5 minutes before the jog. Maybe I should add my runkeeper here! RAY. ADD POKEMON GO FACETIMES/POKEMON GO AND RUNKEEPER TO THE LURAY LIST! Running at night was really nice, also running alone was nice because I just paced myself how I wanted to pace myself.. plus I got to listen to music. It got dark pretty quick so I had to go back at 3.50 miles, I wanted to go 4. I'll probably run again this weekend. Today was very boring, school was kind of shit. I was hating everybody more than usual... And lunch was hectic and not planned and stressed me out and also I had P.E. No fun. Got home and got on a therapy call that went well though, had a banger after school snack and watched the new Nick Crowley video. Man the run was really the highlight of my day!! Me and jasmine need to go jogging together. All of my friends are probably so sick of me talking about cross country.. im lowkey one of the people that makes it their personality.
  • 9/27 - Man I need to sort some shit out. In my head. I have this pile of existential and philosophical questions in my head that I put off to the side. Whenever I'm faced with a complicated question that will take more than 20 seconds to answer, it goes in this big pile to the right of my brain. How do I define success, how do I define normalcy, individuality as a concept, the influence of social media on how people describe themselves, is thinking the root of mental illness, etc etc etc. I need to set aside some time to write and sort through these things because they're questions that pop into my head multiple times a day. I have a baseline idea of how to answer most of them, but I'd have no idea how to articulate it or go in depth about any of those topics. Writing it down helps. TOPIC CHANGE! K has been quiet lately and its pissing me the fuck off. Ever since he started coming to school wearing a mask and not talking half as much as he usually does I've been feeling the effects of it. We are probably soul bonded or something like whenever he feels something I feel it too. Bruh I hope he's ok I really do im getting worried. He always looks pensive and hes always fidgeting (just like me fr) I just want to TALK to him. I want to hear his thoughts on things. I want to get a sense of how he views the world.


  • 10/4 - I'm in ninth grade inquiry ahaha.... working on my listography instead of doing my work. I love this website. shoutout to my pookiebear for reccomending!!!!! Today I have Key Club at lunch holy shit i have such a banger lunch I have a cream cheese bagel, white cheddar cheeto puff things that arent actually cheeto brand, a cookie, and a dr pepper. lets fucking go.
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