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stella follows:

  • neji hyuga - naruto and naruto shippuden. high kin/id mayhaps?
  • doubles are whatever... preferably not if you id him but it’s not a giant deal
  • i will. post about him a LOT so if you’re a kinnie that’s iffy on doubles i wouldn’t take too many chances
  • i would be happy if u tagged me in stuff but you aren’t obliged to obviously
  • kin ships / nejiten bc i think she’s strong and cute. but i also like nejilee... that’s soft, i love lee
  • looking for canon mates? only if i already know u, even a little, or are mutuals with you somewhere. having a lee, tenten, sensei or hinata would be nice... or hanabi but i don’t think we talked a lot... or like any of the konoha 12. dm me for thoughts if ya want
feb 22 2019 ∞
feb 24 2019 +