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it's deep red, my broken dream. my last breath, the king and queen. the world ends, it's you and me.

  • hi i'm aleksander. sander/aleks are ok and encouraged!
  • he/him 20+ white neurodivergent
  • unlabeled queer transmasc
  • 9w1 isfj ☼ sag ☾ sag ↑ libra
  • 00s emo enthusiast
  • follow request is okay if i'm locked
  • you dont have to hide/censor my dn or user if screenshotting something i said
nov 23 2021 ∞
may 8 2022 +
  • dni if you fit standard criteria, including being a proshipper, support mspec lesbians, don’t use she/her for arashi, ace exclusionist
  • i use caps a lot! i am not angry! just excited and loud
  • i can't tag my interests or my favourite characters
  • i block liberally and run blockchains, softblock to unfollow
  • i don’t like tomokazu, ittorou or percico and i’m vocal about it
  • i’m rt heavy especially wrt art so pls don’t follow if that bugs you; feel free to turn off my rts
  • i don’t need tone tags but i don’t mind if you use them when speaking to me
nov 23 2021 ∞
may 8 2022 +
  • main interests
    • project sekai: vivid bad squad
    • ensemble stars: undead eve crazy:b
    • genshin impact: kazuha gorou ei hu tao scaramouche
    • heartstopper: paris squad tori
    • identity v: edgar victor ganj, annie
    • percy jackson & the olympians: nico percy annabeth hazel jason reyna
  • minor interests
    • blue lock: chigiri kunigami reo
    • ffxv: noctis prompto
    • idolm@ster shiny colors: straylight nichika
    • persona 5: joker ryuji ann
nov 23 2021 ∞
may 27 2022 +