Lake| 23 | white | They/Them | Lesbian | social anarcho

Howdy I'm Lake ! I love my wife and baking things for my me and my wife. I also really love webcomics and want to make comics for as long as I can ! Most of my comics are about women kissing and destroying systems of power.

I'm a pretty chill person most of the time. I'm generally happy and I will get just about excited about anything!! I have ADHD and PTSD(idk how important this is to mention but I'm mentioning it) I may be socially distant a lot of times but for the most part I'm pretty extroverted. I'm not very good at writing about myself.

I use XP pen 16 pro and Clip studio to draw with.

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❤: MY GF !!! , My friends !! , baking,hiking and camping,GTFO (the game), frozen yogurt, spicy food, veges, anything WLW, the paranormal and unexplained,space and astronomy , PNW, web-comics, movies, Megamind, The Old Guard, LiS, She-Ra,ATLA/TLOK, Kipo, Gen:Lock, killing Eve,Digimon ,Dorohedoro, RvB, 3Below/Troll hunters, transformers

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mutuals can ask me for my discord

I also have a tumblr under softcryptid/lakecryptid thst I dont really use rn.

I am not active any other site other than these. Any other site /actively/ posting or anything else under the name lakecryptid/ softcryptid is not me. I also only sell stuff on my twitter/toyhouse/etsy I will not sell any of my stuff anywhere else. If it's somewhere else it is a scam.

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Please recommend me web-comics I love them so so much !!

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