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You can call me Lamb or Nisaa!I'm from Malaysia!I play a lot of mobage and hear to a lot utaite and other music !


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  • Call me Lamb
  • Calling me Nisaa is fine too
  • She/Her
  • 18+
  • Follow me at your own risk, which said I'm a massive retweet at certain time.
  • Preferable mutuals and followers who are 18+ and please do put your age on your bio or somewhere so I feel comfortable following you back.
  • If you're minor, I really want you to mention your age so I can be careful with my retweets
  • Don't worry about DM-ing me,I'm fine with people DM-ing me and in advance note I might reply to you late.
  • If you're the type who will talk about person or character you hated openly please refrain from following
  • I won't tolerate with stupid hates
  • If you're about to tweet or retweet stuff about gore and lot of blood please tag it. I have little tolerance for it.
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