• people on both sides of the discourse need to respect each other’s boundaries: endos shouldn’t interact with DID/OSDD systems when they do not want interaction, anti-endo people shouldn’t raid nontraumagenic/inclusive communities, and syscourse blogs shouldn’t interact with posts/blogs that advise against it.
  • i do believe there are nontraumagenics who may actually be traumagenic but don’t realize it due to various reasons (yet to process trauma, don’t believe their trauma was severe enough, don’t believe they have DID/OSDD due to not experiencing symptoms the same way others do).
  • that being said, i no longer feel comfortable assuming the origin of one’s system nor do i see it as the only reason nontraumagenic people should be treated with compassion, even when disagreeing with them.
  • while i doubt that a system can form because of any other disorder, i do believe neurodivergence or disorders like BPD and MaDD can influence preexisting traumagenic multiplicity.
  • i will never believe in the concept of “system resets” or “system hopping,” due in part to a toxic friendship i had with another “system” who used those things as a way of manipulating me.
  • i’m EXTREMELY mistrustful of tulpamancy, soulbonds, and any spiritual/religious systems due to both the aforementioned friend and religious trauma.
  • skepticism towards pseudoscience and spiritually-based reasoning is normal and does not inherently mean we are trying to invalidate you as a result.
  • alters can have their own pseudomemories + pseudotraumas that are real to them, and whether or not someone wants “exotrauma” does not change that.
  • i don’t like the terms “sysmed” or “traumascum.”
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