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cariatide why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and cry over a tv show. (2020)
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dana my little notebook (february 2020)
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  • I take my coffee strong and very milky.
  • I take my tea strong and with a splash of milk.
  • I love dunking biscuits in my tea/coffee.
  • I cannot choose between dogs and cats.
  • I save greetings cards and cinema, theatre and train tickets.
  • I cannot stop buying books.
  • I never fold the pages of my books.
  • I was a featured user on listography years ago.
  • I hate the taste of coconut, but love the smell.
  • I love listening to classical music, but can name hardly any pieces.
  • I have a dainty, high-pitched sneeze and I never sneeze only once.
  • I like going to the cinema by myself.
  • I hated Halloween with a passion when I was growing up.
  • I get really excited when it rains.
  • I have one cheek dimple.
  • I re-watch Friends pretty much endlessly.
  • if you're wondering, I'm a cross between Monica and Phoebe.
  • no one quite understands what I mean when I say, "I love Abba." I'm part of their fanclub - seriously.
  • I was terrified of The Lion King as a child.
  • I believe in aliens.
  • I have a small collection of shells that I keep in a jar.
jun 17 2018 ∞
feb 18 2020 +
user picture pinkfleur: I'm the same way about classical music. I love it, but please don't ask me what piece it is (with only a few exceptions). I also like going to movies alone, never fold book pages (big pet peeve of mine), and love it when it rains. And it's funny about Halloween. I never cared much for it as a child, but I like it as an adult. I love Halloween decorations! And one last thing, you don't need to choose between dogs and cats! It's okay to love them equally. (I'm sure you already know that last bit; I just felt the need to say it. ;) ) jun 18 2018
user picture honeybee: Classical is just so soothing to have on in the background, I especially enjoyed it when I was studying, but because I was so preoccupied with that I never paid attention to what was playing! I have a collection of bookmarks that I use instead of folding the pages, or I'll use a train ticket or even just the receipt - anything to avoid folding the page. Oh, I really like Halloween now too! I started enjoying it about years ago so I've only ever been to a couple of parties, but I like dressing up, and all the decorations and the seasonal food! I find the idea that people can choose between dogs and cats absurd, haha!
user picture Zuzanna: cool :D jul 1 2018
user picture honeybee: thank you!