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alternate title: call me grandma

  • I like sitting out in my garden, reading and watching the birds
  • I've started buying a lot of bird food
  • I own a lot of plants
  • big, cosy cardigans are my thing
  • I hate loud music, it disturbs my quiet time
  • I am somewhat out of touch with current popular culture
  • I love shopping in charity shops, for books and mugs mainly
  • I naturally wake up early and I go to bed early
  • I also love naps
  • I sometimes forget that I have a cup of tea to drink until it's gone cold
  • I have conversations with my pets
  • I carry snacks around and sometimes flasks of tea
  • the members of my favourite bands are all super old or, alternatively, dead
  • people give me chocolate and candles as gifts and I love them
  • I can be really forgetful
  • I want to learn how to knit
  • I can sew by hand
  • I watch daytime quiz shows and repeats of quiz shows
  • I listen to In Our Time
jul 7 2018 ∞
sep 22 2019 +
user picture Venisse: I wish I could wake up early and go to bed early just like you lol I really like your listography ♡ jul 20 2018
user picture lilou: I never used to be able to, it's just something that's stared coming naturally to me quite recently! And thank you, I really like yours too <3
user picture Stariteller: I identify with a lot of these, though I do know how to knit (more specifically, armknit, fingerknit, and regular knit) but I'm not the best at sewing. Your listography is super pretty and aesthetic! oct 20 2018
user picture lilou: that's really cool! I'd love to just be able to regular-knit. and thank you so much! oct 22 2018
user picture christina: i love this list! i'm totally adapting it. dec 17 2018
user picture lilou: thank you! I'm excited to see your version :)