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like a dream within a dream

Oh! activities (Eleven years of walking!)
Luciana notes (outubro)
ella movies (watched in 2021)
marie meus antídotos pra alma
  • 'contribute at presentation level in seminars'
  • 'diligent'
  • engage well with the material and classmates
  • 'far exceeded other people in the class'
  • 'great writer'
  • 'impressed by' preparation and contributions
  • 'incredible control over the material'
  • 'terrific student and we are blessed to have you'
  • 'wonderful' presentation
  • 'work really hard'
  • essay feedback:
    • 'demonstrates excellent knowledge, understanding, and skill'
    • 'excellent work, full of lively and sensitive insights'
    • 'fluent and, at times, lyrical'
    • 'sassy'
    • 'very well-written and elegant'
    • 'regular ‘wow’ moments'
    • 'great originality of thought'
    • 'compelling'
    • 'writing is stylish and controlled'
mar 6 2021 ∞
jul 27 2021 +