one direction

they are a huge part of who i am. i had to choose a photo of them together, because all these 5 boys have been with me through so much... i've been with them since 2010, i was 11 years old, i basically don't remember what life was like before one direction. and i know that might seem a bit exaggerated, but it's not. just thinking of them gives me chills, they make me happy & sad & understood. and i love them with every cell in my whole body. honestly can't put into words all i feel for them


he's golden and shines so bright that he lights up my life as well. he's the cause of my euphoria, the reason i look up at the stars and wonder what life would be like if i was lucky enough for him. he makes me smile, makes my heart skip a beat, makes the palms of my hands sweat and makes me happy.


he is pure authenticity. i've never met someone like him in my life and i'm proud of every little thing he achieved. he makes me laugh even when i'm at my worst times. he makes me feel pure joy and brightness. he's my happiness and my safe place


we are so alike that i don't even understand how i can love him so much and dislike my own self. he is honest, he is truthful, he's a true friend and will never deny helping you. he's pure goodness, weirdness & i'm utterly and completely in love with him


he's the most hilarious man in this galaxy, but at the same time has a huge heart and is so sensitive that i love him more and more every time. he puts a smile on my face as if it's the easiest thing in the world and i love him for that

jul 13 2020 ∞
jul 23 2020 +