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times are hard for dreamers. ☾

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Laurene movies (watched in 2018)
emi observations (interesses | obsessões 2110)
willow names (favourites)
elizabeth books (unread)
dana goals for 2018: lit + film
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  • Rising in Virgo
  • Sun (Pisces) in 4th House
  • Moon (Virgo) in 9th, close to 10th House
  • Mercury (Pisces) in 3rd, close to 4th House
  • Venus (Aquarius) in 3rd House
  • Mars (Leo) in 9th House
  • Jupiter (Sagittarius) in 1st House
  • Saturn (Pisces) in 4th House
  • Uranus (Capricorn) in 3rd House
  • Neptune (Capricorn) in 3rd House
  • Pluto (Sagittarius) in 1st House
  • Chiron (Virgo) in 10th House
  • Lilith (Gemini) in 7th House
  • North Node (Scorpio) in 12th House
  • Part of Fortune (Gemini) in 7th House
  • Vertex (Gemini) in 8th House
  • Midheaven in Virgo
apr 16 2018 ∞
jun 24 2018 +