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Leuko | 19 | Aquarius | INTP-T | True Neutral

  • Born in 2000, very much a 2000's kid
  • Part-time student working on getting their high school diploma and finding a job
  • Huge nerd when it comes to video games, shows/movies, music, science, psychology, or anything computer/coding related
  • Inspiring computer programmer and web developer with a dream to make a game one day
  • In love and loved in return ever since 4.16.19 ❤
  • Father of 8 children -- 2 animals, 6 plants
  • Has been dedicated to completely changing myself and my life for the better since 1.11.19 ☥


Hello! My name is Leuko, but feel free to call me whatever you want. I'm just a 19 year-olde dweeb trying to survive day-to-day life. I currently reside in a city/state you probably never heard of and/or forgot about, so I'll just say I live in my imagination instead.

I pretty much spend my days caught up in my own daydreams or diving head first into my interests. I'd say that I have a pretty wide variety of interests, but anything videogame, show/movie, music, animal, science, psychology, or computer/coding related take up most of my time and attention. I love playing video games, watching shows/movies, listening to music, studying various things, or working on coding projects in my free time. [More about my interests here]

I'm currently working on finishing up high school and getting my diploma. I only have one more test to pass in order to get it, and I'm excited! I'm also working on getting a small, part-time job so I can have some income when I eventually move onwards to college and/or individually hosted classes. My current dream job is to become a computer programmer and help code/work on video games (or maybe even consoles) for a company like Nintendo.

Oh, and I also have an amazing family. I'm currently in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, Rune (or, as I like to call him, Roo/Rooney), and I love him very much. I also have a dog named Star, and take care of a stray cat named Jordyn. I'm also the father of 6 plants, all of which are growing happily and healthily. [More about my family here]

One last thing to note about me that I feel like is kind of important -- I'm very, very shy. I will always try my best to be friendly and respond to any messages people send me, but sometimes I forget and/or get too stressed out. I'm so incredibly sorry if I come off as rude because of it.

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