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what we can't do alone, we'll accomplish together

rook follows:

do not follow if you...

  • are a minor
  • discriminate against minorities
    • e.g. racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, anti-semitic, etc.
    • irt transphobia, this includes being a terf, transmed/truscum, thinking pronouns always equal gender, etc.
  • condone pedophilia, incest and/or abuse
    • this includes calling other people an anti/fanpol for being rightfully uncomfortable by these things (and media that depict them), even if you don't condone them in real life.

if i follow you and any of the above apply, then chances are i was unaware. do us both a favor and soft/hardblock me.

i understand that just because someone doesn't condone any of the above doesn't mean they can't engage in behaviors that perpetuate it. all i can ask for is a willingness to do better.


  • i keep discourse on main to a minimum. in most cases, i prefer to not engage with it, especially if it doesn't pertain me.
  • don't be afraid to remind me if i forget to put a content warning.
  • i encourage people to be liberal with the block button. if anything i say deeply puts you off, don't hesitate to just block me.
  • i'm uncomfortable with genderbends. genderbends often conflate genitals and other sex characteristics with gender, which is cissexist and transphobic. for more on this, read this post that explains it in more detail. i don't consider this a dealbreaker like my other dnf criterias, but just know i might respect you less.
  • regarding 'anti' discourse, i won't even deign you a response if it's a term you unironically use. anti is a vague non-descriptor that anybody can mold to suit their needs, and frankly, i don't have the energy to deal with unpacking what it means in every individual instance. just respect people's boundaries (for example, my boundary is 'i don't want to interact with people who actively engage with media romanticizing incest, pedophilia and/or abuse'), nobody gets a consequence-free environment.
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