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    • auto-biographical lists (memories, jobs, people, loves, family)
    • to do lists
    • wish lists
    • catalogue lists (your books, movies, art, etc, collections)
    • top ten lists
    • reference lists (your favorite brunch spots, shops, etc)
    • resource lists (from outside sources: best books of all time, essential jazz albums, etc)
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jun 29 2019 +
user picture Kaedence Creates: In case you are ever wondering, you folks really ARE the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I had heard about you sooner! Do you have a donate button anywhere on the site? I'd be happy to donate money as a small token of appreciation :) ! apr 20 2015
user picture ClubbedWithSpades: Thanks for everything you do! I have been hoping for years for an Android app and can't wait to buy it!! apr 23 2015
user picture lux aeterna: So excited for the Android app! This website is honestly so helpful for me, and I thank you for everything you do! jun 16 2015
user picture Bryan: Looking forward to the Android app whenever it gets here. jul 1 2015
user picture lydia: Looking forward to the android app as well! Keep up the good work. Thank you for the amazing website! jul 2 2015
user picture Miguel: I really love the whole philosophy behind this app! The fact that it's ad-free to keep it personal, that you guys choose to be independent in terms of development, that you guys still manage to work on it in spite of having full time jobs. It's wonderful. I'll be using this for a long time to come. dec 29 2015
user picture Anders: Keep up the good work! feb 3 2016
user picture charliebnim: I love this website, and I would be willing to pay to help you guys develop the android app!~ how much will it be?? Please create an account on patreon so you can get support on it!! aug 8 2017
user picture nicolestrange: thanks soo much for doing this, listography has been a big part of my life for years! sep 17 2017
user picture lulu: this is the best site ever. i've been using listography for many years (before there are smartphones) and I BEG YOU FOR THE ANDROID APP PLEASE PLEOASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEAAAAAASEEEE it would change a million people's lifes i swear to god i'm not overeacting :( jan 9 2018
user picture littlewhitehouse: You can use computer version of listography on your Android phone, what is the problem? apr 5 2019
user picture Mariskaf: Please make the Android app soon, this site is so good :) oct 2 2018
user picture itophd: What's the deal with all this "name +" comments everywhere? oct 16 2018
user picture itophd: Seems the problem is solved! Thanks! oct 27 2018
user picture beable: yeah, what is this? also in some of my lists the comments number goes up but there are no comments? nov 15 2018
user picture cariatide: same problem, it's really annoying :( nov 22 2018
user picture itophd: Ok, the problem is partially solved... No physical comments, but the count increases. nov 24 2018
user picture kiki: Please make the Android app soon, this site is so good.... nov 20 2018
user picture R: Hi, I just want to know how do I read comments on my list? Because I saw there are 40+ comment on my list but when I open the lis, the comments can't be found. dec 17 2018
user picture whynothim: I am facing the same issue dec 31 2018
user picture petra: What's up with all the downtime lately? Do we have to be worried? jun 28 2019
user picture petra: Okay I just realised that it's just my own profile? Does anybody else experience this? I haven't been able to load my profile for a few weeks now.. jul 2 2019