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listography follows:

  • A list ICON is a symbolic picture you can add to your list box. It appears in the type right hand corner.
  • To add an ICON: go to list edit box, click on modify, then under design, click on set ICON.
  • List IMAGE(s) are pictures embedded in your list that you can mix with text.
  • To create a list with IMAGES: create a list like normal, then go to list edit box, click on modify, then under attachments, click on attach images. Choose images from your computer. As each image attaches, it will be given a letter.
  • After uploading your images, place your images in your list by using brackets and the corresponding letter for the image. You can put the images before or after your text
  • Avoid using large images, as they will take longer to upload or not attach at all. We have a fancier plan for attaching images, but it will take a little time...
apr 5 2013 ∞
oct 6 2014 +
user picture M: cuándo yo tenía listography (hace ya más de dos años) no se podían poner imágenes entre el texto! estoy muy asustada, jajaja. feb 17 2014
user picture Jinnienn Okada: This was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you! apr 8 2014
user picture ma: i can't find "set icon" mar 4 2015
user picture laciejewel: I don't have a "set icon" option on mine. may 28 2015
user picture laciejewel: Nevermind. It's there now. Stupid laptop eventually froze and had to reload.
user picture José Mauricio: Excelent list! thank you :) oct 7 2015
user picture laura: thank you for this <3 mar 24 2016
user picture 1mm: hi, i don't have 'set icon' on my modify option please help aug 16 2016
user picture listography: if under "images within lists" you chose attach images then it thinks it is a list with a series of images (so set list icon won't appear anymore). This is different than just putting one single icon. Try making a new list and under modify you should see "set list icon" aug 18 2016
user picture q: is there a reason that the icon wouldn't show up after setting it? i did it on the app last night, but now i'm on my desktop and it's not attaching a new image. why wouldn't i be able to see it? feb 4 2017
user picture listography: hmmmmm, did you press the sync button on your phone after? feb 6 2017
user picture Kaedence Creates: Thank you! Is there a way to right align image lists? mar 11 2017
user picture The Girl in the Sun: I have the same question, I would like to put the image on the side of the list but it never seems to work for me. apr 22 2017
user picture dev: how do i attach images on the side? feb 9 2020