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jun 29 2019 +
user picture katie: How do you include pictures for a list? Not the one in the corner, I mean in the main list. may 17 2010
user picture listography: Click create list, then at the top click on "create photo list". We are working on being able to add text in with the images but at the moment you can only create photo lists and give your list an image. Thank you!
user picture starette: i saw this: and i was wondering how this could be done? feb 25 2012
user picture listography: hi starette. this is a new feature that's in testing! you'll see the change in your edit choices after we launch it :-)
user picture Puggle: i noticed in some peoples notes, they dont have the category & their title in parentheses like this for example: movies (my favorites) ... instead they just look like this : my fave movies .... how do they do that? thank ya :D aug 1 2010
user picture listography: Hi. Click on New Category when you're making your list title and enter your title, then leave the subtitle blank :)
user picture Puggle: thank you so much :) & another question (sorry, i'm a newbie) can you change the color of your lists, if so how? thanks again (:
user picture listography: no problem. as soon as you click on "create list" when logged in, all the colors are there at the bottom. if you are editing an old list and want to change the color, click on edit list then design at the bottom of the page. see our guide for other tips:
user picture den: hello, i wonder why this doesn't work for me? aug 12 2017
user picture Bree: I was wondering, how do you link a line or a word? thanks aug 8 2010
user picture listography: Hi, here's a guide:
user picture Abbey: When you indent for a second bullet, do you think you could make each intented kind look different? Idk if that makes sense O:)if it does, it's my OCD..sorry. It's too difficult for me to tell what belongs in what category or what's a sub category of what because even though its intented, the bullets are the SAME. D: its bugging me O:) oct 22 2010
user picture listography: Thank you for writing in. We'll definitely keep this in mind! oct 23 2010
user picture adam: I finally got around to fixing the bullets of nested lists. Please enjoy. jan 7 2011
user picture fooz: Just a suggestion: it would be wonderful if the lists could be made collapsible upon double-click (like the Mac "Stickies" notes program). thanks so much, it's wonderful as is too. dec 29 2010
user picture listography: Thank you for the feedback :-) jan 5 2011
user picture fooz: the option to set archived items to private would be useful as well - thanks
user picture listography: Thank you for writing... you can make a list private that's in your archive (click on edit and then choose the folder). We hope to develop a private archive in the future as well...
user picture Joey: On the guide it shows that when creating sublists, there are different bullets for each level. but this doesn't happen after I indent 2 there any way to code this into effect (as in I'd like different bullets for each level)? jan 7 2011
user picture Joey: And if this isn't should probably change what the guide shows will happen.
user picture listography: hi. we're aware of this inconsistency and we'll hopefully update the code to match the guide soon! thank you joey :)
user picture adam: Joey, I modified the way sublist bullets are rendered. It now matches the guide. Thanks for writing.
user picture Laura: How do I make my background image repeat so it covers the whole page and not just the part my top lists are in? jan 8 2011
user picture listography: it does automatically repeats unless there is an error with your browser. you can also make an image smaller by reducing its size in another program and then it will repeat it at that size.
user picture Sophie: How do you change the title bar on your listography page? Mine is stuck on gray and I want it to be white! mar 27 2011
user picture maria: I'm pretty sure it's because your background is white. Hope this helps! jul 1 2012
user picture listography: Hi, if you set no background, the background is white and profile bar goes to grey. There is a work around. Just big a solid white image and load it as your background :-)
user picture rainscience: It would be great to be able to upload image from URL :) jul 20 2011
user picture listography: thank you for the feedback! nov 6 2011
user picture Thea: How do I move a list from main to ongoing? Thanks :) feb 2 2012
user picture starette: you just need to hit "edit" at the bottom left of your list, then click on "modify..." and under "organize", choose "move list to folder". feb 25 2012
user picture saeglopur: How do you change the color of the bar with your name on it? jul 1 2012
user picture listography: hi there! right now you can't but hopefully in the future...thank you for the feedback!
user picture Melissa: I've seen so m any gorgeous main background images on people's listography sites that are not under preset images. How is this done? aug 30 2012
user picture listography: Hi Melissa! Got your email, sorry slow to reply. Many people use their own images. Under settings just click the browse button next to background image to upload your own image (keep the size small). If you look on the web you can search for wallpaper images or tiled images.
user picture K e b : how do i add a corner image? mine doesnt seem to work apr 5 2013
user picture listography: Hi Keb, when you create a list, click on "modify" and then under "design" click on attach icon. If you want a list with images in it, you click on "attach images" but then you will not be able to use icons :)
user picture kana: how do i search my lists? like do i search a word in the list or the category or title or...? thanks! may 23 2013
user picture listography: you search for a word you know is in the list itself...using the search bar. for now, don't use category or title :) jul 16 2013
user picture ℋosho: We need colour variety of choice when it comes to the settings and the availability of html coding. mar 12 2014
user picture Maga: No Brasil já existe o símbolo de vocês para "compartilhar" vídeos YouTube? Eu não vi na relação de símbolos de compartilhamento lá. mar 19 2014
user picture kaitie: so, what is the point of having an archive if you cant have a list in both the archive and main or ongoing? (i hope that makes sense) jul 10 2014
user picture Chuck: what determines window or pane size? they seem to vary without rhyme or reason. My about me gets cut off with only one additional line, and the entire pane is still smaller than surrounding ones. oct 22 2014
user picture listography: hi, love your music lists. so there's an abbreviation algorithym we use so that lists won't be enormous. It's based on how many characters, etc... oct 23 2014
user picture Valentina : How can I make my page private? Or at least my lists? jun 26 2015
user picture honeybee: If you go to your list, click 'edit', then 'modify', then you'll find the heading 'organize' and, beneath that, 'move list to folder'. Click on that, choose 'private', click 'save', and the list is now in your private folder, which only you can see. jul 15 2015
user picture namjoon.: can you actually delete a list? nov 6 2016
user picture sandy: Go to the list you want to delete. Click "Edit" at the bottom and then click "Modify". You should see a few hyperlinks, but click the one called "Delete this List" under the heading "organize". Let me know if you still need help! ^^ <3 nov 10 2016
user picture jong suk: i'm trying to make a list but every time i save it, it doesn't save or only half of it saves. PLEASE help, i got so sick of rewriting that i copied and pasted what i had written every time it didn't save and it STILL doesn't save. dec 24 2016
user picture alex: me too! i'm really annoyed by this! jun 24 2017
user picture sabrina: how can i put the "[...view..]? dec 26 2016
user picture honeybee: I'd like to add a disclaimer that I'm not part of listography, just another user, but hopefully I can help! That only appears when your list is of a certain length in order to prevent it from taking up too much room on your page, but if you want to make it happen on a shorter list you can either include a super long introductory paragraph or you can, when creating or editing your list, click "attach image" and upload an image and then write and save the list without including the coding to display the image within the list itself. If you do this, the image won't appear in your list, and the text will be hidden under "[...view..]". I just tried this out myself so hopefully I've explained it well and this is what you were looking for! dec 28 2016
user picture Jowita Garnecko: thanks for that! aug 10 2017
user picture chloe: thanks so much for the guide! :-)
user picture agnes: hello, i don't know how can i follow a list but not follow the user and all their lists. can someone help me?? aug 24 2017
user picture francesca: hey i know you've guys changed ur formatting and stuff, so i was wondering how to add a corner picture as you guys have on this list so i won't have to click "view" to see the whole list and attached image enlarge feb 8 2018
user picture 수지: hi! can you explain why when i follow people, sometimes it says im following all their lists but sometimes it says i'm only following one (?) also is there a way to check my followers or is that no an option? feb 16 2018
user picture honeybee: If you click "view all" under the "follows" section on your page you will be able to see everyone you follow. The lists that appear in this section normally (i. e. without clicking "view all") are a selection of the most recently updated lists belonging to the people you follow. There's no way to view your followers. mar 8 2018
user picture Chaeyeon: Hi there! Is it possible to at/@ another user here on listography? Just curious because one of my friends is here on listography and it won't let me @ her on my list of people in my squad of friends hehe jun 18 2018
user picture listography: Haha no problem! We don't have the @ situation here. Can just share it via message etc :-)
user picture Stariteller: How does one get different fonts in one's lists? I've seen certain people with cool fonts in their lists. oct 28 2018
user picture meg: I’ve seen lists where links are centered and have no asterisks in front of them, how do you do this? nov 21 2019
user picture rapper lili: hi, i just wanted to ask if there can be a possibility for strike through to be used on a just some certain parts of the sentence just like how u can do it with bold and italics? thanks. jan 18 2020
user picture listography: Yes for strike through, visit our guide. Basically you just add a - before the line apr 28 2020