"I understand your pain. Either because I’ve been there before or because I know what it’s like to be profoundly sad, to feel like there is no one in the world who will understand you, to feel like you’re the only one struggling, to feel like there’s just no point in living anymore. I’ll tell you that I understand you, that you are not alone and that I know what you’re going through so you don’t have to waste your time explaining it to me. I get it.

I have faith in you. I have faith in your strength, in your ability to rise back up after the fall, in your persistence to fight through the worst days of your life and in your courage to start over. I have faith that you will find your way out of the darkness and slowly let the light back in. I have faith that you will heal yourself because you can; because you will.

I trust you. I really do. I know you will not destroy yourself, I know you will come to realize that certain things happen for you to grow, for you to believe, for you to change and for you to grow wiser. I trust that you will understand the lessons life is trying to teach you, that you will discover the beauty within you when you’re hurting and I trust that you will become more compassionate, kinder and ready to dedicate your life to helping others come out of their darkness too."

mar 5 2018 ∞
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